CIP3 and Press Analytics for Heidelberg Presses

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PressProfiler CIP3 is a powerful ink key presetting system that’s fully compatible with all Heidelberg printing presses including those running Press Center and Press Center II console software such as the XL, SX, CX, CD and SM range of offset printing presses, as well as older CP2000 and CPC 1.04 consoles.

It provides identical job loading functionality to the original Heidelberg CIP3 interface, your printers continue to use all the familiar functions of the Heidelberg touch-screen to find, load, prepare, measure and adjust job inking.

The PressProfiler Report option helps you to maximise your presses productivity by allowing you to see both what is happening on your presses in real time and unlimited historical reports for every job ever printed, right from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, similar to Heidelberg’s own data analytics system.

View current or past job reports showing time on press, number of sheets run including wasteage and good copies, errors and events. Powerful API and file export functions allow easy integration with management information and business intelligence systems to keep a firm handle on costs, automatically.

What our customers say ...


PressProfiler has given us consistent results from the first time we tried it. We can save as much as 70% on make-readies using PressProfiler. With run lengths continuing to fall, such savings on make-readies are essential. This enhancement will pay for itself in no time at all. PressProfiler is a great value product.

Salman Malik

Owner, Print Plus,UK

Dramatic savings on make-ready were accompanied by a much more straightforward approach to good colour on the press. We are now swiftly into good colour on every job, allowing us to make savings on materials as well as time

Peter Horne

Print Manager, JEM Packaging,UK

The decision to add PressProfiler was an essential move in our opinion: speed, reduced waste, and greater colour consistency are all critical issues for any printers. This package does it all for us, and at a fraction of the cost of similar kit from the press manufacturer

Martin Ince

Production Manager at Woodrow Press,UK

PressProfiler is a product that represents great value. To do the same with the press manufacturers own branded package would cost five times as much. The team at Prepress UK do a fantastic job at a great price!

Andrew Kelly

Southport Printing Company, Australia

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