PressProfiler Features

PressProfiler provides a wide range of features for both interactive job setup and checking as well as automatic production of press inking data. PressProfiler output is used for ink key presetting on offset printing presses, reducing your make ready to save time and money.

Save Time

Preset your ink keys to minimise make-ready turn around. No need to manually inspect the plates for coverage and set the keys one by one, just mount the plates, load the preset data and start running!

Save Money

As well as reducing setup time, accurate presetting also reduces the number of sheets needed to reach running quality meaning less scrap and so saving you money on paper and ink.

Hotfolder automation

PressProfiler can automatically collect jobs from your workflow and process them to create and export preset data for one or more presses or paper types for hands-free operation.

Content preview

The fully zoomable on-screen preview can be used for content proofing and provides visual confirmation the correct job is selected.

Preset preview

On-screen preview of intended ink duct and sweep settings for each unit.

Ink duct and sweep calibration

Detailed editable calibration curves for each ink allow extremely accurate presetting of ink keys and feed.

Support multiple presses

One copy of PressProfiler can serve multiple presses, not only different formats, units and makes, but also different ink key calibrations ensure accuracy whichever press is used.

Support multiple paper types

Set different calibration curves for each press on different stocks, for example one for coated and another for uncoated ensure accurate presetting regardless of paper type.