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Heidelberg SM and MO Presses with CPC 1.04
Compatible with PressProfiler CIP3


PressProfiler CIP3 is fully compatible with Heidelberg CPC 1.04 consoles.

PressProfiler is fully compatible with older Heidelberg printing presses with the CPC 1.04 console such as the PM52, SM52, SM72 and SM74 utilising the Job Memory Card interface to send pre-set jobs to your presses via our unique CardWriter application as well as the newer CP2000 and Press Center consoles.

PressProfiler adds missing functionality to these earlier presses which do not have in-built support for different presetting of different paper types (Gloss Coated, Matt Coated and Uncoated) by providing an unlimited number of paper calibrations directly in PressProfiler to fine-tune your presetting for the target paper before outputting to memory card and loading into your press console.

Providing the ability to backup memory cards to the computer and archive old jobs for reprint CardWriter extends the previous limitation of saving 5 jobs in the press and 50 jobs per memory card to effectively unlimited storage in the hard drive of the PressProfiler computer.

Enjoy the benefits and cost savings of ink key presetting on all your presses today with PressProfiler and CardWriter for your CPC 1.04 printing press.

How much can you save with PressProfiler?

Use the profit calculator to find out how much your business could profit from installing PressProfiler.

With automatic ink key presetting providing faster make ready and saved paper PressProfiler can pay for itself in a matter of weeks, leaving you significantly increased profits, year after year.


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