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Heidelberg XL, SX, CX, SM & CD with Press Center and Press Center II Consoles
Compatible with PressProfiler CIP3


Compatible with PressProfiler Report


PressProfiler is fully compatible with Heidelberg printing presses running the Press Center, Press Center II or III software such as the XL, SX, CX, SM & CD range of offset printing presses.

Utilising our unique PressProfiler Bridge server, CIP3 or Ink Key Presetting data can be sent to the printing press with no modification of the press hardware or software. All you need is the Press Center Instant Gate license and you’re ready to go. PressProfiler is also compatible with the older CP2000 and CPC 1.04 console presses.

Unlike many competitive solutions, with PressProfiler you continue to use all of the ink-key calibration, colour measuring, adjustment and job editing features that come with your printing press directly on the touch-screen of your printing press. No need for your printers to use a separate computer to setup make-ready jobs and send them to the press, the jobs simply arrive on the touch-screen of the printing press in just the same way as Heidelberg’s own solution.

That means your printers can select the paper type directly on the press and the ink key settings will be adjusted for best preset on that paper type utilising the built-in Characterisation Curves.

Presses with a license for ColorAssist will be able to have their calibration curves automatically adjusted at the press of a button to improve accuracy over time. Inpress, AxisControl and ImageControl colour scanners with automatic follow-up continue to work just the same as they would with an original CIP3 interface.

Fully compatible with XL2 and XL3 generation presses with push to stop technology including support for central storage of colour data for the Inpress measuring system.

PressProfiler goes far beyond CIP3, merging in data from your MIS system provided by XML or JDF from systems such as Metrix, Pace, Tharston and more, to automate more of the make-ready process including paper types, paper sizes, scheduled print time, clock counters, customer details, high resolution job previews and more.

PressProfiler is yours to own with a single one-off purchase, it doesn’t require an on-going subscription.

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Compatible with PressProfiler ReportThe PressProfiler Report option helps you to maximise your presses productivity by allowing you to see what is happening on your presses in real time, without the need to keep visiting the pressroom for updates.

View current press status showing what job is on the press, time on press, number of sheets run including wasteage, how many times the press has stopped, and why, as well as full job history, costing data and reports.

Report provides an easy to understand visual display of press productivity and events, and all data is collected automatically with no need for any manual input from the operator. It allows people within your company to respond quickly to unforeseen changes on the press, for example a damaged plate, misfeeding paper, drying taking longer than expected, and much more.

PressProfiler Report lets you review any previous time period, such as a day, week or month, to spot production bottlenecks and compare different periods, different press, or different press operators.

You can see exactly how your presses are performing day-to-day over a period of time. It can also help you to understand those often unaccounted for non-productive times to inform decisions about work schedules and productivity to reduce unnecessary downtime and poor performance.

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Press Center, Speedmaster, Instant Gate, ColorAssist, Inpress, AxisControl and ImageControl are trademarks of Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG and are used here to identify the products which PressProfiler is compatible with.

How much can you save with PressProfiler?

Use the profit calculator to find out how much your business could profit from installing PressProfiler.

With automatic ink key presetting providing faster make ready and saved paper PressProfiler can pay for itself in a matter of weeks, leaving you significantly increased profits, year after year.


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