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Komori Lithrone Presses
Compatible with PressProfiler CIP3


PressProfiler is fully compatible with Komori Lithrone presses running the KMS or KHS software.

PressProfiler is fully compatible with Komori printing presses fitted with the KMS or the newer KHS-AI software such as the Lithrone range.

PressProfiler is a powerful and easy to use CIP3 ink key presetting system providing ink coverage and ink zone calculation for offset printing presses for a faster make-ready and reduced consumables cost.

Output to Komori Lithrone presses is directly over the network to the latest KHS-AI and older KMS IV control software, or via floppy disk to the KMS III laptops giving you all the benefits of ink key presetting on your Komori offset printing press.

PressProfiler integrates with any prepress workflow or RIP and accepts PDF, PS, TIFF or PPF (CIP3) files, in many cases you don’t even have to purchase the CIP3 option for your workflow, saving you thousands.

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How much can you save with PressProfiler?

Use the profit calculator to find out how much your business could profit from installing PressProfiler.

With automatic ink key presetting providing faster make ready and saved paper PressProfiler can pay for itself in a matter of weeks, leaving you significantly increased profits, year after year.


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